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Milling Systems


Desktop 5-Axis Dental Milling System

Milling has never been this easy!

  • Simple to use
  • Plug and play setup - NO milling experience needed!
  • Super compact size
  • Versatile
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Capable of producing 16-unit restorations

Milling has never been this easy. Introducing CAD BLU Dental’s new line of 4- and 5-axis compact desktop milling systems, combining high-speed production and precision accuracy in a variety of compact and affordable tabletop units.

CAD BLU Dental’s ezMILL is a professional and easy to use system that provides first class results to any size lab. Utilizing a variety of cutting edge features, the ezMILL is able to manufacture a variety of restoration types using a variety of available materials, including zirconium, acrylic and wax.

Two ezMILL models to choose from!


Key Features



Above: Nesting with the CAD BLU DentalCAM software

High quality doesn’t have to mean high priced

15.7”W x 16.1”H x 15.1”D (400/400+)
24.4”W x 20.2”H x 20.8”D (450+/500+)

Simultaneous 4- & 5-axis machining available

Robust multi-tool automatic changer

Zirconia milled units in under 10 minutes

Multi-material system (98mm disks, 10-26 mm thick)

DentalCAM Software Included

Download CAD BLU's ezMILL™ Desktop Milling System Software here

For use with CAD BLU's ezMILL Desktop Milling Systems only. Requires dongle be inserted into computer the software is being installed on.

Note: the software is 155 mb, so it may take several minutes to download - depending on your transmission speed.

CAD BLU DentalCAM software features:

Fast and friendly nesting procedures allow you to organize and arrange your files any way you want. Not enough files to fill the disc? Mill half a disc and machine the remaining material later using the integrated disc management system.

Quick and easy file and material selection.  Completely open source and accepts all STL file types.

On screen warnings are displayed immediately, letting you know when there might be a problem with part placement.

Easily define your manufacturing parameters using easy to learn controls, pulling up pre-programmed machine strategies and settings for a wide range of materials and restoration types and sizes.

The CAD BLU Dental ezMILL Open Architecture Milling System is a simple-to-use milling system that offers best-in-class performance and capability, with one of the smallest footprints ever found in a milling unit. In conjunction with other CAD BLU system components and software, the CAD BLU Dental ezMILL Desktop Milling System offers dental lab owners a complete, integrated Dental Manufacturing System.


ezMILL™ Accessories:

Dental Suction Unit with Fine Filter
For machining zirconium oxide and other materials where fine dust particles are being produced, we recommend to use a suction unit with fine filter.

Switching Unit
This small unit allows to switch a vacuum cleaner with a connection power of up to 230V, 10A automatically on and off and thus automatize your operational procedures. Connected via the appropriate 24 VAC output.

Wet Grinding Option

Both ezMILL models are already prepared for wet grinding materials like glass ceramics. The tool is optimally cooled via liquid nozzles which are mounted directly at the spindle. This set consists of a pump station with appropriate feed and drain hoses for a liquid closed loop, a workpiece holder for four glass ceramics blocks and a software extension for DentalCAM.

The stable cabinet offers much space for your blanks, tools and accessories. Its massive granite plate underlines the high-value appearance of your system. Its dimensions are: 950 x 600 x 1,160 mm (W/D/H). An additional shelf plate is mounted on the side of the cabinet.

Carbide Milling Tools
CAD BLU not only produces the milling machines. We are also manufacturer of the appropriate carbide tools for machining different dental materials from wax to cobalt-chrome. Furthermore, we have assembled tool sets which work very well as initial equipment for the machine. The respective machining parameters for all CAD BLU Milling  tools have already been stored in the DentalCAM software.

Administrated Tool Board (ATB)
This tray with its elegant granite base-plate can be used for storing tools which are not directly inserted into the tool changer of the machine. All 30 positions are accordingly numbered and will be administrated by the DentalCAM software. So all information concerning geometry, endurance, etc. remains linked with each tool and you can dispose in total of a much larger active pool of tools.

Order Information

Order Information:

Base units include DentalCAM Milling Software, but not the wet milling upgrade.
ezMILL™ 5.0 axis Dental Milling System

Included with each unit:
ezMILL™ Dental Mill
Complete cable set
Keys for emergency release of the front cover
Spindle service set
Service unit for compressed air plus hose Ø 6 mm (0.23”)
Hose connection for external vacuum cleaner
3 mm hexagon socket screw key
Calibration plate and measuring pin
1 pair of tool changer inserts of rubber including
1 drill 2.8 mm (0.11”)
USB dongle

Powerful and comfortable software package
DentalCAM™ with control software
User manual

Download CAD BLU ezMILL™ Desktop Milling System Software here

For use with CAD BLU's ezMILL Desktop Milling Systems only. Requires dongle be inserted into computer the software is being installed on.

Note: the software is 155 mb, so it may take several minutes to download - depending on your transmission speed.

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We offer full support and solutions to companies of all sizes, from small dental labs to Fortune 50 client base, who take advantage of our experience to leverage their brand and excel far above the competition.

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