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A unique combination of size, precision and ease-of-use to make it the ideal choice for printing large and small durable hard plastic parts with superior feature quality and detail.
  • ProJet 5000 offers a large build size, 3 different print resolutions, and works with the VisitJet MX Build material, which delivers high durability and strength UV-curable acrylic plastic


The ProJet 5000 offers a unique combination of size, precision and ease-of-use to make it the ideal choice for printing large and small durable hard plastic parts with superior feature quality and detail. This workhorse delivers over 80 hours of unattended operation using Multi-Jet Modeling technology.

With a net build volume of of 21.65 x 15.5 x 11.8 inches (550 x 393 x 300mm), the ProJet 5000 offers a large build size, 3 different print resolutions, and works with the VisitJet MX Build material, which delivers high durability and strength UV-curable acrylic plastic.

It enables improved design communication and a compressed design-to-manufacture cycle time to reduce time to market and boost final product quality.


3D Printing Process: MJP


  • Gain time and productivity in rapid manufacturing and prototyping with the largest capacity, high-definition professional 3D printer
  • Profit from the largest build volume available to maximize your printing capabilities.  Feel free to tackle other projects while the ProJet 5000 is at work; it can operate unattended for over 80 hours.


  • Enormous Build Volume
  • Unmatched Productivity
  • Superior Part Quality & Accuracy
  • Scalable, Modular Material Management
  • Thermal Controlled Multi-jet Modeling (MJM) Technology
  • Tough Durable Hard Plastic
  • Easy Support Removal
  • Material Economy
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
Enormous Build Volume:
  • 550 x 393 x 300 mm (21.65 x 15.5 x 11.8 inches)
  • Largest build size available in High Definition 3-D Printing
  • Builds more parts per build than any other High Definition 3-D Printer
  • Fully utilize entire build volume to maximize part building capacity
  • Part stacking and nesting
  • Nest additional parts to increase output without adding time
  • Wide-pass print head reduces number of printing passes to a maximum of 2 for largest parts
  • Wide-pass print head offers maximum throughput for capacity builds
  • Build larger parts, Build small parts, Build more parts!
Superior Part Quality:
  • Superior surface smoothness
  • Crisp, fine details
  • Clean definition lines and lettering
  • Sharp edges and corners
  • No stair-stepping on curved surfaces
  • No geometry limitations
  • Durable, stable hard plastic
  • Accuracy and precision
Scalable Material Management:
  • Configure your system to match your specific requirements
  • Configurable Material Delivery Modules (MDMs) are user installable
  • Each MDM holds one 2.0kg material bottle
  • Add up to 8 MDMs
  • Largest material capacity in the industry (more than 11% larger than Eden 500V)
  • Up to 80+ hours unattended operation capability
Thermal Controlled Multi-jet Modeling (MJM) Technology:
  • Proven performance & reliability
  • Superior print control
  • High precision jetting
  • Print droplets “freeze” on contact
  • No uncontrolled flowing or creeping
  • No splatter on contact
  • Uses less support material than liquid photopolymer systems (e.g. Objet)
  • Minimum vertical wall thicknesses down to 0.25mm (0.010 inches)
  • Small features down to 0.05mm (0.002 inches)
Material Economy:
  • Uses less material than parts produced on other large-format 3-D printers
  • No mixing of more expensive build material with the support material
  • Reduces material consumption
  • Reduces material waste
  • Reduces cost
Low Maintenance Requirements:
  • Automatic head cleaning system – no operator maintenance required
  • Auto-purge & wipe
  • Automatic print head preparation for building
  • Long-life Print Head
  • Single rugged print head designed for years of 24/7 operation
  • Standard 5 year Print Head Warranty included
  • No user calibration required for consistent accuracy and part quality
  • No-lube design for years of operation
Factory Capability, Office Functionality:
  • Engineered for 24/7 operation
  • Designed for the office
  • Safe, clean, quiet operation
  • Attractive exterior design
  • Small footprint
  • Produces environmentally stable, fully cured parts
  • Build and support materials provided in clean, easy-to-install, no leak bottles requiring no contact
  • Inert wax support material can be disposed in normal trash
  • Network ready


VisiJet® MX Tough Durable Hard Plastic:
  • True plastic Feel, Fit and Function
  • Accurate & precise
  • Stable properties under varying conditions
  • Heat stable
  • Moisture stable
  • Durable for demanding applications
  • Sharp feature detail
  • Transparency for increased visibility of internal geometry
VisiJet® S300 Melt-Away Support Wax:
  • Formulated for efficient removal without damage to delicate features
  • Enables high-quality support-side surfaces and features with no support scars
  • Hands-free removal
  • Wax simply melts away
  • Easily removed from the most delicate part features
  • Easily removed from all internal cavities and complex geometries
  • Requires no pressurized water-jet action
  • Does not require build material mixing to provide adequate support
  • Inert wax may be handled with no special precautions
  • Wax is non-hazardous and may be disposed with ordinary trash

VisiJet® Materials for ProJet™ 5000 3-D Printers

  • VisiJet® MX Build Plastic - 2.0kg bottle
  • VisiJet® S300 Support Wax - 2.0kg bottle

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