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GeomagicInspection Products

Featuring these Geomagic Inspection Software Applications:

Take precise measurements of parts and accurately compare them to digital reference data.

Geomagic 3D inspection and metrology software delivers the highest accuracy, top speed and instantaneous reporting on the quality of as-built parts for first-article and production inspection, and supplier management.

  • Perform fast, accurate graphical comparisons between digital reference models
  • Instantly create 3D PDF reports of measurements, tolerances and deviations
  • Use 3D scan and 3D probe data to determine the quality of as-built parts
  • Automate processes through the integrated Python Scripting tools
  • Use the free CAD importers to add comparison data

Geomagic Control

Geomagic® Control™ (formerly Geomagic Qualify®) enables manufacturers to perform fast, accurate graphical comparisons between digital reference models and the scans and probes of as-built parts for first-article inspection, production inspection and supplier quality management. This leading software allows manufacturers to rapidly increase product and manufacturing quality, rapidly identify process issues, and build productivity.

Geomagic Control Overview
Geomagic Control is a versatile, highly customizable software solution for automating inspection processes using data from portable metrology devices. In this video, you'll see how you can set up an inspection process on a reference file, then use the scripting tools within Control to run a completely automated inspection process using a 3D scanner. Once the script is created, Geomagic Control will run completely.

Geomagic Verify

Geomagic® Verify™ is powerful, easy first article inspection software for both contact and non-contact 3D measurement devices. It lets you measure and compare parts to CAD models to find and fix manufacturing defects before they become major problems.


Native CAD Import Support For:

  • SolidWorks
  • NX
  • IGES
  • STEP 203/214
  • Neutral
  • VDA
  • Parasolid .x_t and .x_b*
  • SAT

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