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A multi-representation, multi-purpose digital modeling and CAD system for producing manufacturable, highly-detailed objects that are intricate or organically shaped, such as toys, figurines, medical implants, fine art or other sculptural objects.

Note: The Freeform Plus Software includes a Geomagic Touch X device – a true 3D interface with force feedback to make design as intuitive as working in real clay.



Geomagic Freeform Plus is a multi-representation, multi-purpose digital modeling and CAD system for producing manufacturable, highly-detailed objects that are intricate or organically shaped, such as toys, figurines, medical implants, fine art or other sculptural objects.

This software offers a fast and cost-effective way for designers and modelers to create original models or modify and stylize scan data, and then output to additive manufacturing systems for prototyping or rapid manufacturing, prepare molds for milling, or send to downstream CAD or CAM systems.

Two unique aspects of Freeform are integration with haptic 3D input devices and a robust voxel-based data model. The combination of these provides a unique capability to emulate the physical process of sculpting clay. The haptic 3D input devices also enhance the experience of modeling using many more commonplace CAD techniques.

The system includes a comprehensive set of modeling and detailing tools, dimensional control, and import of polygon and NURBS data for reference and modeling. Parting line evaluation is also included, enabling users to avoid costly production mistakes through adjustment of their models early in the design process.

When your work requires CAD part interoperability and preparing models for manufacturing, the FreeForm Plus system has all the capability of the FreeForm system and also includes NURBS surfacing and solids tools, CAD part interoperability, and moldable part and mold insert functionality.

This software includes a Geomagic Touch X device – a true 3D interface with force feedback to make design as intuitive as working in real clay.


Phantom Desktop (Hardware) Freeform (software)

Introducing Geomagic Freeform 2013

Using Sub D with Geomagic Freeform Plus

New Features in Freeform and Freeform Plus - May 2014

Other Freeform Plus Video and Demos (Geomagic Site)


Features of Geomagic Freeform Plus
Geomagic Freeform Plus uses "virtual clay" to provide unparalleled creative freedom for fast 3D modeling of complex, highly-detailed, organic shapes for manufacturing. The system includes a Phantom® device – a true 3D interface with force feedback. Users work in 3D faster than ever before because they use their sense of touch to model virtual clay just like real clay. The Freeform systems are easy to learn, and users typically become productive within a few days.
Geomagic Freeform Plus supports the Geomagic Touch X device and delivers CAD interoperability, solid modeling tools, and mold design capabilities within the system.
Construct Clay
  • Easily and quickly construct basic shapes, perform wire cuts, spins, lofts and sweeps. Add to the design using tools such as Toothpaste and Pipe and curve spheres. Easily offset, inflate and morph the design with tools such as Extrude to Plane with Draft.
Sculpt Clay
  • Carve and shape your clay with a wide range of tools in your virtual space including razors, knife cutters, scrapers and more. Smooth, smudge and shape the design using a variety of available tools.
Detail and Edit Clay
  • Tug, ridge, emboss and deform your clay without limitations using Freeform’s detailing tools to create exactly the design you envisage. Benefit from the full range of selection and move features that allow repositioning, alignment, and separation of the design. Benefit from a range of dimensional controls to assist with accuracy in designs.
3D Curves
  • Easily draw, repair and edit curves, project from a sketch and to a plane, intersect sketches and offset curves. Work with planes and surfaces where they intersect with curves, patches and solids.
Plane Features
  • Create, edit and sketch on a plane, orient the plane and copy profiles.
  • NURBs solids/surfaces features.
  • Create and work with NURBs solids and surface elements in the Freeform Plus environment, with full trim, mirror, and patch tools alongside loft, spin, sweeps and curves to solids. Sculpt solids, refit the workflows and work with solid Booleans. Convert solids to clay as needed.
  • Added semi-automatic and fully automated surfacing delivered through the integrated tools from Geomagic Studio.
Import/Export File Formats
  • Import and export 2D and 3D industry-standard formats including OBJ, STL, PLY, DXF, IGES curves, and JPG, as well as IGES and STEP Slids and latches, and native Parasolid formats.
2D Sketching
  • Fully create and edit sketches within Geomagic Freeform with pencil, freehand, control point curves, and basic 2D forms such as lines, arcs, circles, etc.
Mesh, Paint and Rendering
  • Import mesh models and convert to clay, and then edit the data using a range of tools to stitch, deform and tug to desired shapes. Paint the data with airbrush tools, wrap images on a model and render with the mental ray® rendering engine.
Evaluate and Analyze
  • Measure mass properties such as surface areas, volumes, piece density, and analyze piece-to-piece fit, intersections and thickness. Display the model with a choice of resolutions to increase processing speed, and opt for scalable secondary views.
Design/Prep for Manufacturability
  • Use a range of tools to prepare for manufacturability including undercut display, fix draft, parting line tools, shelling, and split joint design. Import solid geometry from other CAD systems for reference and comparison.
Mold Design
  • Complete mold design tools work directly in the Freeform Plus environment from your design. With these tools you can split meshes, offset curve segments, define mold inserts, create parting surfaces and trim them, and preview and create core and cavity inserts.
Customization and Utilities
  • Toggle new displays for undercuts, hide/show curves and fit to view, customize the UI for color schemes and favorite palettes.


FreeForm & Plus 2014 - 64-bit Editions Minimum System Requirements

The 64-bit editions of the FreeForm software are designed to run on the 64 bit Microsoft® Windows® 7/8 professional editions. We do not recommend using the home editions of the operating systems.

Running the system requires the following:

  • At least 4GB of free hard disk space (1GB for application files and the rest for temporary and working files). Larger files may require more disk space to assure sufficient performance.
  • 1280 x 960 or higher display resolution


>Touch Desktop-e

Additionally, your machine must meet the following requirements:

  • (2) Intel Dual-Core Xeon (Woodcrest) 5150/ 2.66 GHz, 4MB L2, 1333 MHz FSB or better
  • 4GB RAM (If you will be using Autosurfacer, 8GB RAM is required). Larger files may require more RAM to assure sufficient performance.
  • A Geomagic compatible graphics card with drivers supporting OpenGL version 2.1 or later.

For FreeForm Modeling and FreeForm Modeling Plus v12, v11 and v10 Qualified Configurations, please visit The Geomagic Sensable Support Pages

FreeForm Modeling and FreeForm Modeling Plus 2014 Qualified Configurations

Geomagic has tested and qualified the following specific configurations. Choosing one of these configurations will ensure the best possible experience when running the FreeForm system.

Important: Using the FreeForm system with one or more discrete components of a fully qualified configuration (graphics card, for example) as part of an a la carte configuration does not imply qualification of any kind, partial or otherwise.

Graphics Cards - Want information about compatible graphics cards? Visit Support > Graphics Cards.

Desktop Workstation

HP Z820, with Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 CPU (2.60 GHz, 20 MB cache, 8 cores)

  • Qualified for Windows7 64bit
  • 48 GB RAM
  • A compatible graphics card
  • BIOS Version: J63 v01.14 or newer
  • Haptic Device Connectivity
  • Touch X Desktop with Phantom Communication Converter(PCC)
  • Touch X Desktop requires an Axxon parallel adapter card
  • Touch X Desktop  with supplied StarTech USB Ethernet adapter

HP Z420, with Intel® Xeon® E5-1650 CPU (3.2 GHz, 12 MB cache, 6 cores)


Geomagic has qualified only the following laptops for use with Freeform. These laptops are suitable for demonstrations and working at home, for optimum performance we recommend using one of the qualified desktop workstations.

HP Elite 8770w with Intel® Core™ i7-3820QM CPU (2.70 GHz, 8 MB L3 cache, 4 cores)

  • Qualified for Windows7 64bit
  • 8 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA K5000M graphics card
  • 17.3" FHD display (1920 x 1080)
  • NVIDIA graphics driver 297.03

Important Notes

Geomagic has tested a variety of hardware platforms in combination with the graphics subsystems listed above. While we make every attempt to be as thorough as possible, hardware manufacturers change their products frequently and may be shipping newer products or have discontinued active support for others.

If you run FreeForm on a non-qualified system that meets the system requirements described above and experience problems, Geomagic support will make every effort to help solve the problems but cannot guarantee resolution.

Some Geomagic FreeForm users have had success running system configurations that deviate from the above. In such cases, these configurations are not officially supported by Geomagic.

The Phantom Omni device is IEEE 1394A compliant. However, Geomagic is aware of customers that have experienced performance difficulties with their Phantom devices when using controller cards with certain IEEE 1394A chipset, such as NEC, or driver combinations. In these cases, it may be necessary to update or change the 1394 controller card driver or to try a separate add-on 1394 controller card.

Geomagic doesn't officially support Mac machines; however, some Geomagic customers have had success in running FreeForm with Windows on Mac using Boot Camp.


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