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STL file fixing & repair tools are designed to both detect and repair errors in triangulated meshes.


Netfabb Studio Professional CadbluThe Netfabb Studio STL file fixing & repair tools are designed to both detect and repair errors in triangulated meshes. The advanced features include functions such as part editing, retriangulation, file reduction, boolean operations and mesh refinement. Netfabb Studio Professional is a professional software solution that provides advanced STL file repairing and fixing capabilities at an affordable price, allowing multiple users to take advantage of a professional file fixing tool.

Netfabb Studio Professional offers efficient solutions, such as:

  • Closing gaps and holes
  • Creation of shells and hollow parts
  • Geometry Editing
  • Cutting and Trimming
  • Wall Extrusion
  • Surface Healing Boolean Operations
  • Self-Intersections Removal
  • Surface Smoothing
  • Feature Extraction
  • Triangle Reduction and Net Refinement

Key Features

Features specifically created for 3D printing include:

  • Build Setup
  • Part Alignment
  • Collision detection
  • Slicing and Machine Output
  • Part Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Automatic Part Placement
  • Repair Automation
  • Spreadsheet Export




  • "I have to say, I'm beginning to fall in love with Netfabb's simplicity.." Jordan Bunker, @TensorFlux on Twitter
  • "I just bought a copy of the ultimaker engine for netfabb basic.  I haven't gotten that far into exploring it yet, but my first print was easy and way better quality than any of my previous prints with the available free software, without even having calibrated it yet.  It's clear from watching the printhead that there's a lot of optimizations involved in generating the Gcode, and it shows in the quality of the print.  Just wanted to say thanks for making some great drivers." A happy customer via emai
  • "I want to thank you for this service, it really saved my day"


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