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Milling Systems

CadBlu's Machine Wax is a new formula of wax specifically designed for machining with the high spindle speeds and velocities required for the Dental Manufacturing Industry.


The properties of this wax allow the wax chips to simply fall away from the part leaving behind a surface finish never before achievable with conventional wax which was originally developed for hand carving. Machine Wax not only cuts faster, but the wax is removed in slivers not powder - therefore, the wax does not clog up. With better machining characteristcs, superior surface finish and still the same burnout as with other dental waxes, CadBlu's machine wax is the superior wax for your dental milling jobs.

Orange Wax Dental Milling Disks
Smooth, non-brittle wax specifically designed for withstanding high speed machining. The orange wax is formulated for all purpose dental applications from cutting simple copings to full cast crowns.
16 98
dental-wax-20mm 20 50
dental-wax-15mm 16 50
photowizard-wax-12mm 12 50

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