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Ideal for small, precise, detail-rich casting patterns and models for jewelry manufacturing.


  • Quickly and economically print micro-SLA, detailed parts for casting, modeling design reviews and marketing models for jewelry and other applications.



New1200Material The ProJet® 1200 is ideal for small, precise, detail-rich jewelry casting patterns and models. Smaller than most coffee makers and faster than baking a cake, this new printer is economical to own, safe to operate anywhere and simple to use.

This revolutionary micro-SLA ProJet® 1200 delivers unmatched part accuracy and surface smoothness.  With a 43 x 27 x 150mm (1.69 x 1.06 x 5.9 inches) print volume, the Projet 1200 prints 30 micron layers at a 585 dpi resolution resulting in fine feature-details reflecting true-to-CAD accuracy.


ProJet 1200 for Jewelry Design
Euromold 2013 New Products Announcement
ProJet 1200 Product Video
ProJet 1200 - How to setup your new 3D printer


Smallest, most economical, precision 3D part

Maximize your dollar – The ProJet 1200 achieves unmatched part accuracy and smoothness for the price, with layer thickness at 30 microns.

Make precise parts – 585 dpi print resolution means you see every detail of your jewelry models and more.

Accelerate your workflow – Fast print times allow you to keep up with your constant need for precision parts. Print 12 jewelry casting patterns in an hour and five rings in two hours.

Get started with 3D printing at an economical price – The ProJet 1200’s affordability and its inexpensive prints make it easier than ever to adopt 3D printing. Print a ring for less than $1 in materials.

Get started quickly – The ProJet 1200 features a convenient size and pushbutton operation.


VisiJet® FTX Green material is a durable, rigid material that is tailored for plastic prototyping and casting patterns, making it ideal for jewelers.

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ProJet® 1200 micro-SLA Pro 3D Printer
Case of Visijet FTX Green 10 cartridges per case

CadBlu is a Master Reseller of the ProJet 1200 3D Printer. ProJet 1200 printers have a one year factory limited warranty provided by 3D Systems and CadBlu will provide the extended support for the printers. Cad Blu will provide your warranty and service support from our Colorado office.The following service support will be provided to you for 1 year: The warranty will start at the day of confirmed delivery to the end customer and will continue for one (1) year. Includes labor, parts, and software support.PhoneSupport/ Remote In (web based support.Depot Repair at CadBlu Colorado location. To qualify, customer must retain original packaging and will be responsible for shipping to and from Depot location with insurance coverage.A limited supply of loaner printers may be availableupon request during Depot Repair. CadBlu will provide FedEx ground shipping to and from customer at no charge.Customer must contact Cad Blu 1200 support with all requests.

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