Metal Materials

Ranging from aluminum, maraging steel, steel and various grades of titanium to nickel and cobalt chrome alloys CAD BLU offers you an extensive portfolio of sophisticated, ready-to-run metal alloys for Direct Metal Printing (DMP) with thoroughly tested build parameters for our DMP printer range.

Titanium Materials

LaserForm Ti Gr5 (A)

High strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility.

LaserForm Ti Gr23 (A)

High strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility - lower Oxygen than Gr5.

LaserForm Ti Gr1 (A))

Light weight, biocompatible, extreme temperature and corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Materials

LaserForm 17-4PH (A)

Excellent corrosion resistance, high strength with good toughness.

LaserForm 17-4PH (B)

General purpose metal, high strength, good corrosion resistance.

LaserForm Ti Gr23 (A)

Able to be sterilized and highly corrosion resistant.

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Maraging Steel Materials

LaserForm Maraging Steel (A)

Excellent hardness and strength, good wear resistance.

LaserForm 17-4PH (B)

Genuine tool steel (1.2709), high strength and hardness.

Cobalt-Chrome Materials

LaserForm CoCrF75 (A)

Highly corosion, wear and heat resistant. Biocompatible.

LaserForm CoCr (B) and (C)

Highly corrosion and wear resistant, suitable for biomedical.

Aluminum Alloy Materials

LaserForm CoCrF75 (A)

Good mechanical properties and good thermal conductivity.

LaserForm AlSi12 (B)

Metal powder for light weight parts with good thermal properties.

Nickel Super Alloy Materials

LaserForm Ni625 (A)

Excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and heat resistance.

LaserForm Ni718 (A)C)

Oxidation, corrosion and extremely high-temperature resistant.

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