Photocentric is leading the way in helping businesses evolve via 3D printing by bridging the gap between prototyping and injection molding for clients from all industries, using LCD screen technology. Founded in 2002, Photocentric manufactures photopolymer resin, and uses its patented daylight curing process to create products for applications ranging from the industrial sector, to the dental and figurine industries. In dentistry, and in particular aligner manufacture, the company’s LC Magna printer enables orthodontists to batch-produce patient-specific arches at a competitive cost, speed and scale.

Liquid Crystal Magna

The LC Magna 3D printer offers large scale production at a fraction of the cost of alternative manufacturing methods. It is designed for custom mass manufacture and large component 3D printing

Liquid Crystal Dental

The use of cutting-edge monochrome screens combined with patented twin lift peel system enables LC Dental to deliver extremely high productivity for dental and orthodontic labs.