No knowledge or information disclosed to CAD BLU by Seller which in any way relates to Goods or Services covered by any Order, will, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by CAD BLU, be deemed to be confidential or proprietary information of Seller, and CAD BLU will acquire all such knowledge and information free from any restrictions (other than a claim for patent infringement), as part of the consideration for the Order. All technical and other information obtained or learned by Seller as a result of any Order or its relationship with Seller, is and will remain the valuable, confidential and proprietary information of CAD BLU, including, but not limited to, drawings, data, specifications, components, concepts, designs, or tooling. To the extent the parties have entered into a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to protect such information, the provisions of such NDA shall control any conflicting or inconsistent terms herein. Seller agrees not to disclose to third parties or use for its own pecuniary benefit or advantage any CAD BLU confidential and proprietary information. Seller further agrees that any improvement, modification, refinement, or product developed by Seller or jointly by Seller and CAD BLU as a result of knowledge of CAD BLU confidential and/or proprietary information shall be the property of CAD BLU, and shall be treated as CAD BLU confidential and proprietary information. Seller will provide such assignments or other conveyances to the extent such assets require separate documentation from these Terms. Upon cancellation or termination of any Order or the parties’ working relationship, or otherwise upon request of CAD BLU, Seller shall turn over to CAD BLU any and all CAD BLU confidential information, including all copies, excerpts or other reproductions thereof. The confidentiality provisions of this Paragraph will apply to and be binding upon Seller’s officers, directors, employees, advisers, consultants and other representatives, and the protection of CAD BLU’s confidential information and materials will expressly survive any expiration or termination of any relationships between the parties indefinitely, unless and only to the extent otherwise consented to in a writing signed by CAD BLU.