Enhanced Service Pack 2-Year
Alcohol Isopropanol 99% (IPA)
Clean And Wash Solution (5 gal.)
Cleaning station for x60 series
Composite Cleanroom Wiper
Enhanced Service Pack 2-Year
Extrusion Upgrade Kit S2
EZ Rinse 2-gal water base
EZ Rinse-C 2-gal oil base
FABPRO 1000 Print Tray
LC Dental flexplate
LC Dental Platform with flexplate
LC Dental Screen protector
LC Dental Vat film & Gasket pk
LC Dental Vat
LC Magna Platform Assembly
LC Magna Vat Assembly
LC Magna Vat Film x5 + 5gaskets
LC Precision 1.5 Platform
LC precision replacement hood
LC Precision Replacement Vat, Pack of 5
LC precision replacment screen film
LC precision UV Light exposure unit
LC Precision Vat Film-10 pk
LC Precision Vat Tape
LC-3DPrint Box UV Post-Curing Unit
Maintenance Kit UM2+
Maintenance Kit UM3
MJP EasyClean System, Steam and Dry Heat Process
Nextdent 5100 Print Platform
Photocentric Cure M
Photocentric Cure Unit L2
Photocentric Wash Unit 15L
Photocentric Wash Unit 99L
Printer pedestal
ProBench System
ProCure 350 UV Curing Oven
ProCure 750 UV Curing Oven
ProJet Curing Unit
ProJet Finisher Oven
Projet Washing Unit
Resin Tray Kit NextDent5100
Ultimaker Adhesion Sheets 20ct
Ultimaker Print Core AA 0.25
Ultimaker Print Core AA 0.40
Ultimaker Print Core BB 0.40
Ultimaker Print Core BB 0.80
Ultimaker Print Core CC Red 0.60
Ultimaker S3 Cleaning Filament
Ultimaker S5 Adhesion Sheets 20ct
UM2 Extended+ Advanced 3D Printing kit
UM2+ Advanced 3D Printing kit
UM3 Advanced 3D Printing Kit
UM3 Extended Advanced Printing Kit

Enhanced Service Plan S5


Includes 12 month extended warranty (24 months total) covering parts, labor and shipping costs covered for warrantied issues

Only available in the US

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