HighTemp DL400


HighTemp DL400 is the first Photocentric temperature resistant resin possessing superior properties of both strength and stiffness. It can handle impact, compression, fatigue, high temperatures and moisture without bending or deforming. Photocentric’s HighTemp DL400 can be used for quick printing applications with an impressive layer thickness of 350 μm.



Best Used for:

• Hot fluid and gas manifolds
• Molds and inserts
• Heat resistant housings and fixtures
• Outdoor applications


• Temperature resistant (Heat Deflection Temperature of 446 °F)
• Excellent long-lasting performance under heat and stress
• Quick and fast prototyping 350 μm layer
• Simulating the strength and stiffness of glass filled Nylon 6
• Smooth surface finish and ability to print fine details
• Minimal shrinkage

Compatible Printers:

LC Magna

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Weight 176.4 oz
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