Enabling custom mass manufature and large component printing. The LC Magna’s 23.8″ LCD screen and 20.1 x 11x 13.8 build volume manages to create both very large objects and incredible detail on small ones. Delivering print results previously impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques.

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  • Highly accurate printing
  • One of the largest LCD 3D printers in the world maximizes your 3D potentials
  • Enables a large array of applications
  • Enables custom mass manufacture, from many small parts to large objects
  • Incredibly low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Main Features

  • 23.8″ LCD Screen
  • .13mm per hour of print speed
  • Build volume of 20.1 x 11 x 13.8″
  • 4K Ultra High Definition Display delivers accuracy previously unachievable with large format (SLA) print solutions
  • XY pixel pitch of 137 microns
  • GUI interactive user interface simplifies process
  • 3 different methods of data transfer: Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB
  • Cure speed of 3-8 seconds per layer (at 100 micron and dependent on resin)


  • Industrial
  • Dentistry
  • Jigs and Tools
  • Prototyping
  • Investment Casting


Photocentric Studio
Setting the new standard in 3D printing

LIQUID CRYSTAL MAGNA Printer Tech Specs (English)


Performance and Engineering

The LC Magna is a pristine tool that is built to last, the robust linear rail and patented peeling system is stress tested to withstand the solid printing of 15kg of resin. With state-of-the-art electronics throughout, the LC Magna is designed to perform flawlessly every time to maintain a consistent level of custom mass manufacturing for every industry.

Engineering- With LC Magna, size does not compromise quality.

Create prototypes in a wide selection of sizes at resolutions ranging from 25um to 200um without the need to compromise on depth or detail. Providing industries with the ability to prototype parts small and large alike at an affordable price point, the LC Magna has a firm place in every industry.

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Black, Blue, Red


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small

Build Volume

510 x 280 x 350 mm

Print Speed

13.3 mm per hour

XY pixel size

137 microns (Average accuracy of 50 microns)

Layer Thickness

25, 50, 100, 200 microns

Curing speed

3-8 seconds per layer (at 100 microns dependent on resin)

Compatible resins

Daylight Magna resins SoftwarePhotocentric Studio


USB, Ethernet, WiFi

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