MultiJet 3D Printing (Wax)

Multi-Jet Printing (MJP) technology is a rapid prototyping process that offers a quick turnaround for smooth, high-resolution, hard plastic parts with complex geometries. This additive manufacturing process starts like every other 3D printing technology by slicing a 3D CAD file into hundreds of precise layers. The 3D printer then prints the part by jetting super fine layers of UV curable liquid plastic and wax from the print head onto the flat platform.


The wax support material is also jetted to fill voids and other non-freestanding features. During the printing process UV lamps solidify the part and support material, creating a fully cured high-definition plastic or wax part. Multi-Jet printed parts have exceptional feature details and mechanical properties suitable for study models, form & fit testing and other applications.




ProJet 7000 HD



High Resolution

Consistently print true-to-CAD and fine feature definition jewelry patterns with exact, razor-sharp edges and extreme crisp details.

Casting Reliability

MultiJet Printed patterns hold tight tolerances, ideal for complex precision metal components manufacturing with reduced or no finishing work.

High Throughput

A 100% wax jewelry patterns printer that adjusts to your workflow. It delivers from several short-run batches a day to the next for larger builds at high productivity.

High Productivity

Streamline your file-to-pattern workflow with the advanced 3D Sprint® software, fast & versatile print speeds & batch support removal to deliver high quality, ready-to-cast jewelry patterns.


No Compromising

Create prototypes in a wide selection of sizes at resolutions ranging from 25um to 200um without the need to compromise on depth or detail.


LC Magna’s ultra 4K LCD screen delivers accuracy previously unachievable with large format (SLA) print solutions.


The printer is manufactured using the highest engineered materials possible, setting new standards in printer quality and reliability.


With state-of-the-art electronics throughout, the LC Magna is designed to perform flawlessly to maintain a consistent level of custom mass manufacturing.

LC Dental

Open Source

The advanced technology of LC Dental’s screen and light engine enables you to use whatever resin you like

Homing System

Innovative homing system ensures platform always remains level to the LCD screen; improving print performance, accuracy and reliability.

Vat Lift Technology

Peel forces from the large LCD screen area are regulated by the patented dual lift technology delivering reliability for every resin profile.

Complete Solution

After the initial scan and CAD designs, Photocentric provide a turnkey solution to printing functional models for a variety of dental applications

ProX 800

Integrated Solution

Provides 1 single point of contact for expert application support and daily use of our gold standard Stereolithography 3D printing technology.

Advanced Workflow

3D Sprint® software delivers all the tools you need to quickly and efficiently go from design to high quality true to CAD printed parts.


Increase productivity with auto placement, enhance manufacturing efficiency with finely tuned supports, with embedded Geomagic® trusted technology.

Exceed Standard

Parts are accurate and precise throughout the entire build platform, print after print, machine after machine.

ProJet 7000 HD

Integrated Features

Customized to our specific 3D print engine, the broad spectrum of Accura® SLA resins generate the consistency and mechanical properties required of each material.

3D Print Software

The 3D Sprint® software for plastic printers to prepare, optimize and print 3D CAD data that delivers all the tools for high quality CAD printed parts.


Enhance manufacturing efficiency with finely tuned supports, and reduce the need for additional software with embedded Geomagic® trusted technology.


Parts are accurate throughout the entire build platform, print after print, machine after machine. Features are reproducible down to 0.050mm or 0.002 in.

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